Saturday, 31 May 2014

Mario Kart Nails!

Hey Guys, new nails today! These were pretty fun, but quite intricate so they took ages! So I have been hanging out at my mates house and we all have been playing a lot of Mario Kart lately. So for today's nails, I have decided to used it as my inspiration! I even did things on my right hand (though never quite as good... :P)
Also, I hope you are prepared for a lot of pictures... I couldn't decide which ones to use!

On my left hand I drew/painted Mario, Yoshi, Princess Peach, Toad and Bowser on my pinky. On my right hand I tried to draw the Mario Kart logo... which as you can see somehow kept growing as a painted. Then on my thumb I drew a map of the track. I made up the track... not the exact route, but the same style.

For these I used HEAPS of polish... so I don't think I will list it all here. I will say I used my usual China Glaze White on White as my base, and OPI Don't Pretzel My Buttons as the map base colour. The Mario Kart logo was done using a red, orange and yellow blended together to get the gradient. The black I used was China Glaze Liquid Leather. I have been thinking of trying acrylic paints for black outlines and such, but for some reason I can't shake the feeling that that is somehow cheating? I don't know, maybe I'm crazy... but maybe when I get low on my black supply, I will have to! 

I am super happy with the nails, probably my favourite yet, so thanks to my friend Kuo for suggesting them!

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