Monday, 5 May 2014

Leafy nails

Hey guys, today I have some new nails! I was struggling with ideas for this one. My friend had requested I do foxes jumping... but I am not so confident that they will come out like foxes, and instead they will look like red/orange/brown blobs. Anyway, I might try them later on when I am feeling super arty. Today I did some leafy nails instead. I was googling patterns and i found a really cool one that I thought would translate well onto nails!. 
So that's enough rambling, here are my nails:

Oh, and this was my inspiration! How pretty is it! :P

Seamless pattern on leaves theme, Autumn seamless pattern with leaf - stock vector

The polishes I used for these were:
China Glaze White on White
China Glaze Def Defying
China Glaze Flyin' High
China Glaze Kinetic Candy
OPI Decades of Shades
China Glaze Liquid Leather

See you next week!

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