Monday, 26 May 2014

Lolly Nails

Hey guys, 
Today I have some new nails for you all to see! I have been super busy at uni lately so I haven't had much time to think of new nail ideas. Luckily Facebook is around so I asked what I should do. I got a bunch of good ideas, some I think I might keep in mind for next time I am running out of ideas! Anyway, the one I chose for my nails today was.. Lollies!

I am super happy with how the jelly beans came out! They are easily my favourite nail. I also am really pleased with the mnm's and skittles nails.The lolly wrapper ones and the snakes though didn't come out how I wanted. 
Though I do think they look really fun together!

Polishes I used:
China Glaze White on White
China Glaze Salsa
China Glaze Happy Go Lucky
China Glaze Hanging in the Balance
China Glaze Gaga for Green
China Glaze Papaya Punch
OPI Decades of Shades

Hope you guys liked them!
See you later :-)

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