Sunday, 13 April 2014

Easter Nails

Hey Guys, its rainy and gross today, so I decided to do some happy nails! Its Easter soon, which is super exciting, who doesn't love chocolate right?! So I decided to do a set of themed nails. As you might be able to see, I have been enjoying doing small repeating patterns, so I tried to do my Easter nails with the same sort of idea.

Also, I hope you like my socks. My friend bought them for me as she doesn't think I eat enough vegetables, so these help right? :-P
For these nails I started with a white base and added the details with a dotting tool and a very thin striper.
The polishes I used were:


China glaze snow and China glaze white on white (white)
China glaze happy go lucky (bright yellow)
OPI atomic orange (Orange)
China glaze liquid leather (Black)
China glaze lemon fizz (light yellow)
China glaze peachy keen (light orange/peach)
China glaze re-fresh mint (mint green)
China glaze kinetic candy (light blue)
China glaze sweet hook (light purple)

I have also included some photos of Easter nails I did last year. Sorry for the quality of the photos.. I clearly hadn't heard of sun before. 
The first set of Easter nails are just a mash up of a bunch of designs I had seen around the internet. I did have major troubles with the chevrons though, and still I am never very confident doing them, but maybe I will experiment a little more now with them and try to improve!

These second nails are my version of Chalkboard Nails' Easter Mix-up. These were a cool, fun and bright take on the usually pastel Easter nails, and were so fun to wear!

Hope you guys have a great Easter, and I would love to see any cool Easter inspired designs you have tried! :)

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