Monday, 7 April 2014

Disney Inspired Nails

Hey guys, are you ready for some more nail art?! me too! (yes, I assumed you said yes!) These are some nails I did about 2 weeks ago, I was wondering what to paint my nails this time and I was like, how about cartoon characters?! I thought through, with the help of google, all different characters/groups of characters to do. I have wanted to do a Disney nails for a while now but I had my mind set on doing the princesses, but kept putting it off because they were intricate, and I struggle to draw faces... then it came to me! The good old mickey and friends characters! 

I decided on Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, and after tossing up between Goofy and Pluto, I finally went with Goofy! I love these nails! Though they took beyond forever! Probably about 2 hours, though I did do both my left and right hands this time around, pretty exciting. 

I have decided that I will make a pictorial for you guys to show you how I did these.

There you go! I had fun doing these! I'd love to know if anyone else has tried Disney nails?! How did they turn out for you?


  1. Hey! Love your art/nail work. Just wondering what tools you use to create such intricate details... You're incredibly talented!

    1. Hey Aliese, Thanks so much! I switch it up a little, but mainly I use a small brush that I have cut down to only have a few fine hairs that is about 5mm long. And then I use a slightly longer brush (about 10mm) that has a few more hairs. Maybe I will make a post about what I use sometime soon!