Sunday, 31 January 2016

Abseiling nails!

Hey guys! How are you all today? So, I can't remember if I told you, but I have been doing a bit of canyoning lately (it's like hiking and swimming and abseiling all in one up in the mountains down through really pretty canyons!) and I wanted to do some nails that were outdoorsy and canyon-ey. I tried to think of a way to paint a canyon on my nails but I couldn't figure out how! Instead I settled with plain abseiling nails

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The way I did this was using a kind of watercolour technique, where I mix the polish with pure acetone to thin it out and then lightly paint it on my nails. With this you do have to work really quickly and lightly (which I always forget when I start) because you are using acetone which is obviously nail polish remover, so if you take too long you actually remove your nail polish! Probably would be easier with acrylic paint and water but oh well, I like to make things hard for myself apparently...

Also, if that made no sense, I made a tutorial with these ones (YAY!), plus there are tonnes of pictures to look at (woo!)

For these nails I just used a mix of blues and greys really, so I won't list them here, it seems a little silly really... I will say that the black polish I used was China Glaze Liquid Leather (as usual!) 

I will see you guys next week! Also, get outdoors, its fun! :P

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