Friday, 22 January 2016

Swimming across my nails!

Hey guys! How is everyone? I have been getting my Bronze Medallion to become a life saver so I thought I would do some swim-centric nail art. Hope you like them! 

Keep on reading for more pictures and a video tutorial!
So I painted these during the bronze course, and now I am finished! (I am very unorganised and slow at putting my nails up online... oops!) It was heaps of fun though! Anyway - back to the nails, I enjoy these, they turned out pretty well, though I think if I did them again I probably could have painted their bodies a little better, because they are a little weird looking. Though, even with that I think they are recognisable which is all that counts right?

Here is the tutorial and a bunch more pictures! 

Oh and I found this design on Pinterest!

So for the background and the bodies I used these colours:
China Glaze Man Hunt
OPI Don't Pretzel My Buttons
The rest of the design I just used a couple of different colours - you could really use any ones you want, It could be really cool do to something more vibrant or something all with blues or pinks or something like that! 

I hope you enjoyed these nails! I will see you all next week (hopefully I get my act together a little bit more this time...oops!)

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