Sunday, 14 December 2014

First Christmas nails of the season!

Hey guys, Today I have my first christmas nails of the season! Check them out :-)

Read on for more!

So I finally used glitter in a mani! I avoid it so much for most of the year, pretty much because of how annoying it is to remove, but I decided, since it's christmas, I will break out the glitter! So hopefully I will try and incorporate more glitter into my manis coming up to christmas.
Anyway, here is another picture for you guys to check out. Enjoy!

So I just used China Glaze Winter Holly, which is a super fine dark green micro glitter (though I think it also has gold and a tiny bit of purple), as the base and then used Jessica Cosmetics Sharktooth for the white detailing!

Hope you are having a good lead up to xmas! See you later :D

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