Sunday, 3 August 2014

Spotty Floral Pattern Nails

Hi everyone! This is kinda early in the week for me to be posting new nails, but I have meetings with my thesis supervisor every wednesday now so I think monday nails will have to become a thing. I think this will be a good thing! Okay, so today's nails are inspired by the wonderful, and fantastically talented, Wondrously Polished. You should all go check out her blog here, She does the most beautiful and detailed designs, and some of my favourite florals! The nails I was inspired by are these. Though I changed up the colour palette a little.

I loved how this design used so few colours and still worked so well. I think the dark background really makes the colours pop, and I think I'm going to try doing a few more designs with darker backgrounds. Anyway, here are a bunch of pictures. I also tried a few different hand poses so lets see how they work.

Just a few polishes for this one:
China Glaze First Mate
China Glaze Lemon Fizz
China Glaze Peachy Keen
Essie Go Ginza

Hope you guys liked these! I am really pleased with them :) see you next week!

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