Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Batman Nails!! Or more specifically, The Dark Knight Nails!

Hey guys! Guess what movie I watched on the weekend... BATMAN! Well, we watched The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises, which are awesome movies, and so my friend told me I should do some nails to match. I ended up deciding to only do The Dark Knight nails because there are too many characters to choose from if I do just general batman nails. 

More details (and many pictures) after the break!

I chose Batman (obviously), the Jokey (because he is the coolest) and two face, as well as doing two different takes on the batman symbol (though I am definitely more of a fan of the one on my thumb...). When I was painting these I was looking at stills from the movie as my guide, which was very strange for me. I am much more comfortable copying cartoon like pictures as opposed to real life, so this posed quite the challenge for me! This is my excuse for two-face looking rather creepy... but maybe thats a good thing?

I even ventured out and did my right hand today! I couldn't decide between writing "I am Batman" and "Why so serious", so I compromised and did both (though I clearly think I have a larger thumb nail than I do). I was actually going to write "why so serious" in green, but I looked at some images (you can never have enough sources right..?) and everything was red, so my sister said I should do some white smoke and then paint the words in red. Which turned out super well! This is where, as you might be able to tell, forward thinking would really help me out... Unfortunately I don't really make my mind up on what I'm doing til halfway through so I have background colours already painted on my nails and I try to work with what I have.

Thats probably enough babble for today. Here are the colours I used (beware... there are alot..)
China Glaze Liquid Leather
China Glaze White on White
China Glaze Man Hunt
China Glaze Starboard
China Glaze Salsa
China Glaze Def Defying
China Glaze Kalahari Kiss
OPI Don't Pretzel My Buttons
OPI Tangerine Scene

Huh, not as many as I thought... 
Hope you guys enjoyed these, I sure did making them! See you later!


  1. Wow! It looks marvelous.I really a big fan of batman nail art.I love all faces that you created on nails.I am impress from your post...Thanks for sharing this post with us.......

    1. Thanks so much! I have always been scared of painting faces, but they were heaps of fun to do!