Saturday, 17 January 2015


Hey guys, more summery nails today! 

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So I know these are super similar to my last nails, but I swear they are different! 
I used some completely different techniques on these to see how they would turn out. I started out with a white base, then sponged over it a blue to white gradient (for this I used 4 different blue colours to get a super smooth gradient). I then added a green tip, and used a darker green for the sunflower stalks. I then added yellow blobby shapes, and added some orange and a light brown colour on these. Next I added the dark brown bases of each flower. To finish them off I went over them again with yellow using more "petal like" strokes... yes that is the technical term. More specifically I added a couple of lines in the directions that petals would go to make them look a little more like sunflowers and less like blobs!
Anyway,  here are some more photos. Enjoy!

And a lovely picture of Jack giving me a not so happy look!
See you guys next week!

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