Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Christmas nails take 2 - Sleigh and Reindeer Silhouette with video tutorial!

Hi guys! Today I have some more Christmas nails. I am trying to do slightly less typical Christmas nails so staying away from Santa's face, Rudolph's face, Christmas trees etc and doing more new things. The idea is one thing, but coming up with ideas (and by coming up with I obviously mean Google image searching and Pinterest searching for Christmas images) to use is proving far more difficult than I imagined! Though, in saying that I am pretty happy with the nails I have for today so here they are!

Please keep reading, there might be some good stuff (who knows...)

So by good stuff I meant more reading and a bunch more pictures, as you might be able to tell I have been experimenting with new hand poses... what do you think? So for these I found this image online that I kind of used as inspiration, and just took the detail down a notch. I was initially kind of unsure about the dark background with the black reindeer silhouette, but I went through with it because a moon on a lighter base would look silly and I really wanted the moon. I think it turned out okay though - it hides my terrible attempt at painting reindeer...

Anywho, I'll should show you all the rest of the lovely pictures I took. Oh, and as a side note, none of these were taken with top coat because I am unorganised and had to run out to dinner straight away and by the time I got back it was dark (and I don't know how to take nice pictures using unnatural light). Why not take them the next morning you say, well I forgot and then went swimming and now they aren't looking as perfect. I hope this excuse it acceptable!

I hope you enjoyed all those pictures. Here is the video tutorial I made for these as well (also, please ignore the lack of top coat)

I only used a couple of polishes for this design:
China Glaze Blue Bells Ring
China Glaze Liquid Leather
Jessica Sharktooth

Thanks for reading! I will see you next week!

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