Friday, 19 September 2014

Leaf Nail Art

Hey Guys! Its the weekend, and it's super sunny which is nice, it hasn't been like this in ages! I was hoping to go to the beach but it is still pretty cold out, and I'm not that brave...
Today's nails are this cool, simple leafy pattern I found on pinterest. I wasn't able to match it exactly, my brush strokes are a little too thick on the outlines (I think I'm going to start working on thinner lines), but I am suprised how much I like them!

I love how simple and pretty this design is. Makes me happy :)

Ok, so I have been have nail painters block(?) lately and want more pretty designs that I can try and replicate on my nails. If you have seen anything you think would work well I would love if you could let me know! Thanks guys!

So now for a bunch more pictures:

"lovely shade of you" by weeviii212. To have a colourlovers pattern printed on fabric, go to
My Inspiration!

Doing these were pretty simple.
1. Choose a nice neutral base and paint your nails!
2. Draw some curvy black stems on your nails
3. Use a thicker brush to paint on leaves randomly along the stems
4. outline these in black
5. Add some extra leaf outlines
6. Add some black spots
And you are done! Coat in a good top coat to seal everything off :)

The polishes I used for this one are:
OPI My Vampire is Buff
China Glaze Liquid Leather
China Glaze Starboard
OPI ChicaGo Get A Manicure
Sally Hansen Complete Manicure Resurrection

Thanks guys! I will see you next week :D

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